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I had the opportunity to spend some time with Kate and it was a great experience! She is truly a sweetheart and made me feel exceptional! I will definitely be back to see her again! view full testimonial


Like a Home Away From Home view full testimonial


I visited about a week ago and had a fantastic session with Destiny. Wonderful time, definitely would recommend seeing her if you want to have the most enjoyable and memorable time. view full testimonial

Anyone want to go and see a great girl go in and see Lexi shes always fun to be around!!! view full testimonial

Long Time Costumer

Just wanted to say the girls are doing a excellent job. I have no complaints. Keep it up!                                      view full testimonial


Great place to go and spend time with some nice women you cant go wrong DAYS OR  NIGHTS SEE THEM ALL!!!  view full testimonial


Had a wonderful session with Jessica today. She is a true lingerie model view full testimonial


 Would agree Lexi is a sweetheart but unfortunately she only works untill 3. I tried out Mya on the night shift and she was equally as nice. I'm hoping to have a 2 girl show with these ladies one day. They never seem to disappoint. view full testimonial


I've enjoyed seeing Lexi, Tarin and Cierra. They are very nice girls. view full testimonial


 Have visited a couple times now & enjoyed it very much.  view full testimonial


Had a great session with Tiffany today. She was really cute and very friendly. I Haven't been there in a while and she really made me feel comfortable. Will see her again. view full testimonial


Haven't been for a long time. Came in and saw the sweet beautiful Abby that everyone talks about. I must say my expectations were met and more . She is a wonderful young lady . I will be back for sure ! view full testimonial


I had never been here before nor to any other place like this. I chose to spend my time with Tarin. Being my first time I was VERY unsure of myself and nervous. Anyway, Tarin made me feel very comfortable and helped me to relax so I could enjoy myself. I had a great time and she made me feel like I was her primary concern. Thanks Tarin! view full testimonial


I enjoyed my visit and I plan to make many more....Thank you view full testimonial


Visted with Destiney a few times, love the time with her. She will be the only one for me. view full testimonial


Stopped in yesterday and saw Mya. Very pretty girl with a nice personality. Had a great time with her!! view full testimonial


What a great time. Loved every minute. view full testimonial


I always feel right at home in the chantilly's establishment...safe and comfortable folks also.! view full testimonial


For my first visit I saw Destiny. She has the best personality of any girl I have seen. I enjoyed the whole hour. My second visit I saw Sophia. She has a very pretty face and is very easy going. I will see her again. view full testimonial


I have been coming to Chantilly Lace for years. The present group of young ladies is as nice as they have had, both looking and personality. You can't go wrong with any of them but my #1 sweetheart is Nivea. view full testimonial


Seen Kate late this afternoon and she is a sweetheart. All employees here are great, best in Rockford. Thanks to everyone including Char and Destiny view full testimonial


Destiny is one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the opportunity to meet. A wonder sweet lady , treat her well guys. view full testimonial


It was a WONDERFUL day! First I went to Chantilly Lace and was greeted by a group of very LOVELY and very PERSONABLE young ladies. Then an AMAZING session with the very BEAUTIFUL Nivea. After that I went on the bike for 5 hours. It doesn't get any better than this!! view full testimonial


Hey fellas, it's saddening! Chantilly Lace is a great place and the girls are the best, but if you look at the models schedules you will see many girls have left. I can only think it is because some of you aren't patronizing this wonderful establishment like you should be. Let's step it up before we lose anymore of these beautiful ladies. Go enjoy an amazing session today!! view full testimonial

Maa Kher

Destiny, everything that I said is true, you are a goddess and I worship your eternal beauty. If I had one wish it would be to spend my every waking moment with you. You are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen and I will never forget you; in my heart always ??.E.W. view full testimonial


Because of my perfect friends here I smoke less an use less stress medicine; blessed be to all here. view full testimonial


I over stayed my last trip; an I will make it up to everyone who has taken good care of us.. thank-you again folks for helping and caring... view full testimonial


Jessica is a truly sociable person. view full testimonial


Jessica is a meaningful, beautifully natural, energy view full testimonial


Destiny is a true, friendly spirit and soul. view full testimonial


Seen Char the other day and was very nice. Had a great time with her and look forward to seeing her again!! view full testimonial


Merry Christmas Destiny, I miss you already. Cant wait to see you again. Hope you enjoyed the card n teddybear. view full testimonial


Char is very skilled. any time spent with her is always absolutely wonderful. view full testimonial


Tried char this trip in and have to say "WOW" such a sweet girl, she will be seeing me alot more from now on.Thanks chantilly! view full testimonial


saw char this morning i have to say she is AWESOME!!! will see her again... again WOW view full testimonial


Char is the most beautiful lady... view full testimonial


Angela is a special lady! I really enjoy my visits with her! view full testimonial


Had an amazing time with abbey and you will to. view full testimonial


Alana is pretty hot. Very fun and sexy. Will see her again soon! view full testimonial


I saw Alana and she was amazing and very sexy....ddefinitely going to go back to see her. view full testimonial

Scott Johnson

Me and my wife seen Kate and had a wonderful first time with her and would definitely go back again made you feel comfortable... view full testimonial


I spent some wonderful time with the beautiful Kate. She is truly a classy and sexy person! I will make it a point to see her again! Hugs view full testimonial